Student Clubs

Student clubs are a great opportunity for you to get involved, grow as an individual, explore different activities, find a passion, and connect with others in the community! Clubs are not just fun, they also prepare you for life beyond college. If you are looking for something new and/or fun to do, join a club or start your own!

All active clubs are delivered online via Microsoft Teams. Any in-person club activities will be organized through Teams.

You may join as many clubs as you like, but please make sure they do not clash with your course schedule. Check back regularly for updates throughout the semester. For more information, you can contact Student Life.


Student Club Resources



Start a New Club

If you’re looking to start a club, you’ve come to the right place!

Here is what you need to get your club started:

  • An idea for a new club
  • A club name
  • A description of the club
  • 10 members (including yourself)

When you have the above details ready, complete the online form below. Once submitted, a Student Life Coordinator will reach out to you via email. Please note that completing this form does not mean that your club has been created.

If you have any questions about starting a new club, please email Student Life.

New Club Registration Form

Fill this form to start a new student club or organization! After submitting, a Student Life Coordinator will get back to you with next steps. Each semester, new clubs can be formed until the end of Week 4. Any registrations submitted after Week 4 will be considered for the next semester.
  • NamePositionEmail 
  • Briefly describe your club's purpose, goals, events and activities. What personal growth and/or life experiences can students gain from your club?
  • You must have minimum 10 club members to start a new club.
    NameStudent NumberPosition (if applicable) 
  • :
  • Leave empty if you don't need funding from Student Services or your budget is not ready yet.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Semester End Report

Thank you for leading a Student Club this semester! Please fill this form by the end of Week 12 to tell us how your club went this semester and let us know whether or not you will be continuing the club next semester. In addition, the information you provide will allow us to better support you in the future! This form closes at 12 AM on Monday of Week 13.
  • Club Information

  • Club Activities

  • Please attach your attendance sheet from this semester's meetings.
  • Club sponsors only. Please attach your timesheet.
  • Briefly describe your club's events and activities and how they align with your club's purpose and goals. What personal growth and/or life experiences have students gained from your club this semester?
  • What are some ways the Student Life Coordinator may better support you in the future? (ie. information sessions, check-in meetings throughout the semester, any ideas to assist club leaders, etc.)
  • Renewal

  • Your club cannot continue without a leader. This position must be filled by the renewal deadline (end of Week 12).