Clubs are a great way to learn a new skill or hobby, release stress, and make new friends! Check out the clubs offered at the beginning of each semester. There is no limit to how many clubs you can sign up for, but please make sure they do not clash with your course schedule. For more information, please check out the blog section or email the Student Life Coordinator (Jerica) at [email protected] 

Important Information for Clubs Sponsors and Student Leaders

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When: Wednesdays Time: 4-5pm Where: Room N409 (North Campus!) Sponsor: Jaimmie Contact: [email protected] The Anime Club aims to be a place for people with like-minded interests to meet and socialize every week. While our main club activity is to gather and watch weekly anime shows upon suggestions from club members,



When: TBD Time: TBD Where: TBD Sponsor: TBD Please come back for details!  



When: Wednesdays Time: TBD Where: Mount Pleasant Park Sponsor: Nate Contact: [email protected] Nate, our club leader, is working to form a Columbia College basketball team. Please email him to get connected! Details regarding the weekly club meetings will be posted soon.

Jerica Yoon

Beauty and Skincare

When: Thursdays Time: 4-5pm Where: N408 (North Campus!) Sponsor: Kiyana Contact: [email protected] Toner? SPF? Korean 10-step skincare routine? Cat eye? Cut crease? Primer? What do all these words mean? Come out to our weekly meetings to learn about skincare products and make-up application techniques. 

Jerica Yoon


*Columbia College and Surrey Cricket Club work together to provide Columbia College students an opportunity to play in a cricket team. The season for this year has already begun, but if you have any questions or would like to join the team in the future, please speak to the Student

Jerica Yoon


When: Thursdays Time: 5-6pm Where: Room 334 Sponsor: Chelsey Contact: [email protected] EmpowerHER is all about building community and confidence through professional development, active lifestyles, and health and wellness. Join other like-minded women on campus for activities, events, athletics, and more! The next meeting will be on June 20. See you then!



When: Tuesdays Time: 4-5pm Where: Room 560 Sponsor: Asmanai and Fatin Contact: [email protected], [email protected] If you want to apply business strategies into real sales and get experience in maximizing the profit, ENTREPRENEUR CLUB is for you. Come join us every week in planning and delivering sales events. Most active members get recognition


Media Club

When: Tuesdays Time: 2pm-4pm Where: Media Lab (Room 362) Sponsor: Jean Contact: [email protected] Are you an aspiring musician, Youtube personality, influencer, documentary filmmaker, or journalist? Did you know that Columbia College has a Media Production Lab, DSLR cameras, and other professional hardware and software available for all students to sign out and


Students for the Planet

When: Tuesdays Time: 12-1pm Where: Room 342 Sponsor: Karen Contact: [email protected] Students for the Planet Club is one of the most active clubs at Columbia College. Its mission is to educate the student body to be more aware and critical of the environmental and social decisions that impact our planet. If you

Jerica Yoon


When: Thursdays Time: 12-1pm Where: Room 414 Sponsor: Asmanai ([email protected]), Fatin ([email protected]) Ted Talk Club is a place for discussion and thinking out of the box. We watch inspirational, motivational, and educational speeches of successful people. If you are ready to share opinions, explore ourselves, and gain insight on different