Student Clubs

Start a club! Join a club!

Student clubs are a great opportunity for students to get involved, grow as an individual, explore different activities, find a passion, and prepare yourself for life after graduation! With the support of students and staff at Columbia College, we are able to offer new clubs and events based on student interests. 

For more information, please contact Student Life.




Interested in creating your own club? Columbia College has a fast and simple process to help you get started! Please see below for application steps, deadlines and more.

Here are things you should consider to get your club started:

  1. Club name

  2. Club objective, purpose and goals

    1. What activities and/or events would your club organize?

    2. What personal growth and/or life experiences can students gain from your club?

  3. At least 10 members (including yourself).

When you have the above details ready, complete the New Student Club Registration Form. Once submitted, a Student Life Coordinator will contact you by email with the next steps. Please note that completing this form does not mean that your club has been created.

Each semester, new clubs can be formed until the end of Week 4. After Week 4, new club submissions will be considered for the next semester.

If you have any questions about starting a new club, please email Student Life.


Running a successful club requires a lot of dedication and organization. There’s deadlines to meet, forms to fill out, bookings to make, members to look after, and of course, some rules to follow.

Many events at Columbia College are organized by student clubs! Event planning is a fun way for students to get practical experience in communication, budgeting, marketing and other leadership skills.

Please complete the Application for Student-Led Event to request funds that are going towards an event. If you are requesting funds for non-event related items, complete the Club Budget Request.

If you wish to host a student-led event for your club, you must submit the Application for Student-Led Event . We recommend submitting your application at least 4 weeks in advance of the date of your event. We cannot guarantee availability.

Please note that completing this form does not mean that your event is approved. Once submitted, a Student Life Coordinator will contact you by email with next steps.

Student clubs are allowed to partake in fundraising activities. Fundraising activities must comply with Columbia College’s Student Fundraising Policy.

At the end of each semester, one executive member from each club must complete the Student Club End Semeter Report Form to ensure your club stays active for the following semester. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Student Life.

Please note: This form must be completed by the end of final exam week for your club to remain active.