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Careers at CC

At Columbia College, over 230 employees work in different capacities to make Columbia College the best Platform for Students’ Success.

Columbia College has two campuses. The University Transfer and the Associate Degree Programs are delivered at our Main Campus, and the High School Program is offered at the North Campus.

Our Faculty members are integrated into the following divisions: English, Math and Computer Science, Science & Philosophy, Social Sciences, and High School.

Students, Faculty and Staff, are supported by the ensuing departments: Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing Department, Administration, Front Office, Library, Information Technology, and Student Services.

Why work with us?

Columbia College is an incorporated society and registered charity. With a long history and culture of democratic cooperation, all members can participate in the decision-making of the College by voicing their thoughts and participating in diverse committees and boards.

We deeply respect and celebrate the diversity of our students, faculty and staff by supporting inclusion, reciprocity, community and democratic equality.

We are engaged in supporting our students’ success through academic excellence and flexible programming to provide access to Canada’s best post-secondary institutions. Columbia College offers lifelong learning opportunities and an environment where everyone has the chance to contribute and make a difference.

Our workplace values

Culture of Inclusion

The College values and accepts the expression of diverse opinions and safeguards them against censure; we value safety and personal autonomy and strive to create an environment that empowers members of the Columbia College community to be their authentic selves, regardless of background.

Culture of Justice

The College values equitable and fair accountability in order to foster and preserve harmonious, anti-oppressive relationships; we strive to acknowledge and redress power imbalances and various forms of marginalization. 

Culture of Excellence

The College values outstanding academic and professional achievement and embraces opportunities for improvement; we value boldness, continuous growth, and life-long learning.

Culture of Reciprocity

The College values a generous exchange of ideas, including close collaboration and learning from each other for the benefit of all community members—staff, faculty, and students; we espouse respectful interdependence, building a supportive teaching, learning, and working environment.

Culture of Democratic Equality

The College values and encourages active participation in fair, cooperative decision making, where all community members—staff, faculty, and students—are guaranteed a voice that will be both valued and heard; we strive to foster a climate of mutual respect, from which the multiple and intersecting democratic bodies at the College make decisions.

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