Collaborative Education Lab (Co-LAB)

This is a dedicated space to examine and develop new approaches to education in a way that centres the student experience. Educational delivery models are changing – the Co-LAB will put current students into leadership roles, working directly with faculty to build knowledge that can inform the next innovations in education.  

The long term purpose of the Co-LAB: Build partnerships between faculty and students in a collaborative teaching and learning environment to foster overall student-centred learning at the College.   

2020-21 Objectives:  

  • Collaborative Knowledge Production: 
    To create opportunities for student-instructor collaboration; a space where students and faculty have the resources and support needed to be able to contribute to knowledge production 

  • Student-Faculty Research Projects: 
    To offer a multidisciplinary research setting designed to give instructors the space to explore questions and design research projects, while partnering with students in the planning and execution of research projects  

  • Student Leadership and Innovation:
    To empower students to step into leadership roles in projects as varied as:  content creation initiatives, design and innovation trials of new educational approaches, etc  

  • To offer opportunities for faculty to participate in pedagogical innovation (eg: OER design)