Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

Because every learning opportunity matters.

At Columbia College, learning and personal growth are not limited to the progress made in the classrooms. We want to validate all your learning experiences and the efforts you have demonstrated.

What is a Co-Curricular Record?

Co-Curricular – used to describe activities, opportunities, and learning experiences outside of the academic courses and contribute to Columbia College’s mission of fostering impactful global citizens. 

Record – an authenticated document, similar to academic transcripts and other formal documents, prepared and recognized by Columbia College

What are the benefits of having a Co-Curricular Record?

Track your personal growth – Learning can occur through unexpected opportunities, so let your CCR take out the guesswork. All current CC students are automatically enrolled in the program and can generate a copy of their CCR via the Student Portal at no charge.

Articulate your transferrable, employable skills – Each co-curricular opportunity listed in your CCR strengthens one or more of our 16 trending co-curricular competencies. Be confident that the skills you have been developing will make a difference after you graduate.

Connect and explore opportunities – Want to improve your typing skills? Want to connect with new students and be a member of the Student Services team? More than 20 eligible co-curricular opportunities are currently offered, and more are on their way.

How can you access your Co-Curricular Record?

Co-Curricular Framework

Read about the knowledge pillars and competencies.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Check out the latest opportunities to learn and meet other like-minded students.