Welcome to the Columbia College Student Association!

By being enrolled at Columbia College as a student, you are automatically a member of the CCSA. 

This Summer 2022 semester, the CCSA holds 11 Executive members, all elected by the student population to represent the student body. They meet every week as the student body and participate in various College committees to ensure that student voices are heard when it comes to planning activities or making changes to policy. All suggestions are valuable for us at CCSA.

You can reach the executive members at ccsa@columbiacollege.ca.


Gill, Nabhdeep Kaur

Events and Promotions Committee (Chair)
Email: 810657@columbiacollege.ca

Manpreet Singh

Events and Promotions Committee
Email: 808603@columbiacollege.ca 

Suryaveer Singh

Events and Promotions Committee
Email: 810646@columbiacollege.ca

Chamunda, Adit Deven

Health & Wellness Committee
Email: 809373@columbiacollege.ca

Shivpreet Singh

Health & Wellness Committee
Email: 809535@columbiacollege.ca

Shenouda, Holy Ayman Sobhy Shafik

Health & Wellness Committee
Email: 809989@columbiacollege.ca 

Garg, Harsh

Student Advocacy Committee
Email: 810706@columbiacollege.ca

Gagandeep Kaur

Student Advocacy Committee (Secretary)
Email: 809932@columbiacollege.ca

Uppal, Avnoor Singh

Student Advocacy Committee
Email: 810806@columbiacollege.ca

Sapandeep Kaur

Volunteer Engagement Committee
Email: 811258@columbiacollege.ca

Murgai, Khushboo

Volunteer Engagement Committee
Email: 810710@columbiacollege.ca

North Campus Student Council

Students who are enrolled in one or more Secondary level courses should consider joining the NCSC! Student Council is the high school sub-committee of the CCSA. Student Council is mentored by the North Campus Student Life Coordinator.