Columbia College Student Association (CCSA)

Welcome to the page of Columbia College Student Association.

By being enrolled at Columbia College, students are already a part of the student association. They can vote for elected members to represent the student body. There are currently 4 committees in the CCSA: Events and Promotions Committee, Public Outreach Committee, Health and Wellness Committee, and the Student Advocacy Committee. Here are the elected members for Fall 2019, chosen by the student population.

Events and Promotions Committee

The Events and Promotions Committee plans, promotes, and executes college-wide events. Their goal is to deliver inclusive events to engage students both socially and academically. This semester, their weekly meetings will be held on Wednesdays, 5-6pm, in Room 360. Please feel free to join them to discuss ideas and concerns together.

Mahak Sharma

  • gained experience in event planning while being a member of the SACC (Student Association of Columbia College), before the association’s restructuring and name change
  • highly involved in volunteering with campaigns and events around the College
  • wants to create lasting college memories for students, by listening to student feedback and bringing new ideas to life

Reva Handa

  • brings experience from working with United Nations regarding social, economic, and political issues around the globe
  • aims to be the point of contact for students with ideas and creative minds, to make college experience more than gaining academic knowledge
  • wants to host events that cater all the cultures we have at Columbia College

Manpreet Singh

  • was highly involved in volunteering with the Events and Promotions Committee in Summer 2019
  • has keen interest in organizing and managing events
  • organized the first intra-college soccer tournament in Summer 2019
  • captain of FC Columbia, our college soccer team
  • will work on organizing inclusive events in the future with unique and creative ideas

Ally Chai

  • was highly involved in volunteering with the Events and Promotions Committee in Summer 2019
  • has experience in planning prom
  • will strive to help promote club activity on campus
  • wants to host events to help release stress from exams and crazy tests
  • will work on making the campus a place where all students can create and share memories
Public Outreach Committee

The Public Outreach Committee recruits and trains volunteers to help run CCSA events and initiatives, and connects students to projects outside the College.

Alysia Jiwani

  • gained experience working for the student body while being a member of SACC (Student Association of Columbia College), before the association’s restructuring and name change
  • using her problem-solving skills and ability to work in a team, will work on ensuring all students at the college have equal opportunities and an amazing time during their study period

Riyal Patel

  • has valuable experience from her previous involvement with the Environmental Club at her school before Columbia College
  • highly involved in club activity; a member of Entrepreneur Club and EmpowerHER: a women’s empowerment club that works to build community and confidence through professional development, active lifestyles and health and wellness
  • will strive to establish an exciting and friendly environment for students during their time at Columbia College

Jaspreet Kaur

  • an active member of the EmpowerHER club
  • aims to help students find new friends, connect with the community and even advance their career
  • wants to bring in more opportunities for students to get involved
  • wants to develop resources such as in-class activities and learning practices to foster the wellbeing of students in learning environments


Health and Wellness Committee

The Health and Wellness Committee focuses on the physical and mental health of the student body, to promote positive wellbeing. This committee works closely with Student Services staff to deliver the Mental Health and Wellness Week and DeStress for Success Week.

Rupinder Kaur

  • understands the benefit of maining a positive wellbeing; wants to connect with other students in need of help
  • aims to improve mental health awareness, so that students can identify and discuss topics such as anxiety and depression in a safe and judgement-free environment
  •  equally interested in promoting healthy eating and exercise

Maheen Dada

  • has vast knowledge and interest in the field of nutrition
  • will strive to give new light and perspective to the Health and Wellness Committee and the association, to benefit the student body
  • will work on raising awareness on health and wellness on campus


  • has keep interest in mental and physical health
  • will use her experience of being an international student to connect with other international students, focusing on improving mental health of students
  • will strive to make Columbia College a healthy place for students
Student Advocacy Committee

The Student Advocacy Committee listens to students’ voices in order to advocate for student rights. This committee focuses on students’ opinions, feedback, concerns, and complaints. This semester, their weekly meetings will be held on Wednesdays, 2-4pm, in Room 332. If you are interested in taking part as a member, please feel free to join their meetings!

Heaven Thind

  • has experience as an elected member of the Association; represented the Health and Wellness Committee in Summer 2019
  • will focus on creating an opportunity for students to openly express their voices
  • will strive to bring new ideas to the Student Advocacy Committee in order to help and guide students

Lovepreet Khera

  • a highly involved volunteer in many of the College campaigns and activities
  • will work on establishing authorized semester breaks, and incorporating U-pass for Columbia College students
  • will focus on solutioning unsolved concerns and problems that students experience

Mansehaj Kaur

  • involved in club and volunteering activities, such as Students for the Planet Club and Mental Health and Wellness Week
  • believes that student rights are integral to the success of students’ academics, extra-curricular activities, and social lives
  • promises to take a proactive approach to help students exercise their rights, by being a competent medium for students to express their concerns
  • will practice complete honesty, transparency, and conscientiousness
  • wishes to work towards the inculcation of unconventional methods of instruction like Online Classes in the courses already offered by the college

Suraj Raj

  • was the deputy head boy at his school before Columbia College; has experience taking student concerns to higher authorities
  • was highly involved in volunteering for clubs, gained time-management and leadership skills
  • will strive to establish a well rounded, happy college environment

For more information and/or concerns, please contact the Student Association at [email protected] with the specific committee name in the subject line.