Orientation for New Students

Welcome to Columbia College!

Traveling to Canada?

Make sure to check out our COVID-19 Updates page for any important information.

Orientation for new students takes place before each semester begins. Orientation will vary slightly depending on your program, but will involve:

• Getting familiar with our learning platforms and technology

• Getting to know other new students

• Preparing for your registration

• Learning about the services that we provide

• Ensuring that you are ready to begin classes

Pre-Arrival Session for Winter 2023 Students

Key Winter 2023 Orientation dates

All new students are required to confirm your enrollment for Winter 2023 Semester by completing this form.

Important: The deadline to submit your enrollment confirmation for Winter 2023 is Wednesday, December 28, 2022.

Secondary and ELC new students, please provide your contact information in this form. If you are a University new student, please do not fill this form and follow instructions from the Orientation Team.

Volunteering for Orientation takes place in the 2 weeks leading up to each semester.

Orientation Leaders make a new student’s transition to their Canadian College experience positive and exciting!

Want to get involved? Join us now!

Other important information

Your Student Engagement Ambassador (SEA) will:

• Organize group meetings and discussions for you to get to know other students
• Provide tutorials and information guides on important steps to follow
• Support you with your registration
• Help make sure that you are prepared to begin classes

Your Orientation Leader (OL) will:

• Mentor you through Orientation to help you succeed and thrive in your first semester
• Provide tutorials and information guides on important steps to follow
• Introduce you to the campus and safety procedures to follow
• Support you in meeting other students and making new friends
• Help make sure that you are prepared to begin classes

If you are planning to travel during or after Orientation, you still need to attend the relevant sessions and complete your registration before January 7, 2022.

University students – Registering early will allow you more time to prepare for your classes.

Secondary students – Registration will be done by appointment with an Academic Advisor between January 5 and January 7, 2022.

  • Pay your tuition deposit in full

  • Provide all documents that have been requested

  • Take the Math Placement Test (all university level students)

  • Complete the Columbia 101 Moodle module

  • Attend your orientation and information meetings

Orientation Week is January 4-7, 2022
January 4-5 Your dedicated Academic Advisor will contact you on MS Teams to make a Course Planning appointment.
January 5 Online Orientation for all Secondary new students. Attendance at this session is mandatory in order to complete Course Planning and Registration.
January 5-7 Attend your scheduled Course Planning and Registration appointment on Teams
January 7

In Person Orientation at Columbia College campus (Alternative programming will be offered for students not travelling to Canada)


If you need help at any point, please contact us at [email protected]