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Academic Calendar

For more detailed and specific information such as the academic schedule, requirements for each of our academic programs, the application procedure, placement tests, English requirements, course descriptions, college policies, Glossary, scholarships, fees, and more, please review the College Calendar.

Brand guide





Brand colours

Primary colours

Blue Pantone 3005 C

CMYK 100/31/0/0
RGB 0/136/206


Orange Pantone 144 C

CMYK 0/51/100/0
RGB 247/146/30



Secondary colours

The secondary colors are used as accent tones to highlight information and add contrast to communication collateral.

Navy Blue

CMYK 100/92/33/29
RGB 30/43/91


Light Blue

CMYK 57/0/15/0
RGB 95/200/216


Warm Yellow

CMYK 2/25/99/0
RGB 249/193/23


Light Orange

CMYK 0/42/86/0
RGB 249/163/60



CMYK 58/42/45/10
RGB 112/124/124


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