Career Services

Welcome to the Career Services of Columbia College.  Career Services will support current Columbia College students in all their career and employment needs. 

Career Services will provide the following services:

  • Resume and cover letter improvement
  • Host career and employment-themed workshops (networking, enhancing interviewing skills, job search techniques etc.)
  • Inviting employers from various organizations to speak with our students
  • Assist students in identifying their career goals through formal and informal assessments
  • Conduct mock interviews to help prepare students for the job market
  • Connect students to resources to enhance job search strategies
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and an online presence
  • Create and find networking opportunities for students

Contact your Columbia College Career Advisor, Linus Leow, at [email protected] or drop by Student Services (Room 220) on Tuesday – Saturday if you are feeling unsure about your career options.

Why Get New Skills and Experience?

The value of developing new skills, while improving on your existing ones is an important aspect of your academic experience. Not only will skill enhancement help you achieve success with your studies, but it will be essential in pursuing your future career path. Here are a few example of skills which can be the most useful:

Effective Communications – the ability to listen objectively, comprehend clearly, and then to express yourself both in person and in written form.

Critical Thinking Skills – the ability to think logically, construct enquiry, and solve problems.

Independence and Self Reliance – these include time management, study skills, budgeting, health and wellness.

Teamwork – the ability to work / study collaboratively within groups, whether small or large.

Adaptation to Technology – ability to learn and thrive in the digital age, with a variety of software and media.

While at Columbia College, students will find many ways to build new skills and gain experience, both within the classroom setting, and outside via clubs, activities, field trips and so on. In addition, students can pursue volunteer and paid work opportunities.  Practical advice is this: the more that you participate, the more you will benefit.

Check out this page regularly for volunteer and job employment opportunities on and off campus!
Volunteer Opportunities
Employment Opportunities for Students