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Program Details

Community Development Accelerator

Empowering Students and Alumni to Drive Positive Change

The Community Development Accelerator at Columbia College is a dynamic program that empowers college students and alumni to assume leadership roles in addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges in their communities. By providing resources and fostering collaboration between faculty, staff, alumni, community organizations, and industry partners, the accelerator enables the development of innovative projects that make a tangible impact.

Grant Opportunities

Social Development and Innovation Grants: We provide grants of up to $6,000 for projects focused on social development and innovation. These grants aim to support the exploration and implementation of groundbreaking ideas that address pressing community needs.

EXAMPLES - Project Ideas

  1. Social development or innovation projects such as: Community Clothing Swap, Neighborhood Library, Local Food Program, Bridging Digital Divide among Elders, and more.
  2. Collaborative projects to examine the feasibility of, or launch, social enterprises.
  3. Collaborative projects that focus on goals from the City of Vancouver False Creek Flats Plan.
  4. Place-making initiatives such as: Setting up a Community Garden, Creating a Mural, and more.

Who Can Apply?

The Community Development Accelerator is open to college instructors, staff, students, community organizations, and alumni who are committed to working together towards community development. By leveraging the diverse expertise and resources of these stakeholders, we aim to create collaborative projects that have a lasting impact.

Eligible Expenses

  1. Section Releases for Instructors: The accelerator provides compensation for instructors who contribute their time and expertise to support project development.
  2. Student Wages or Honoraria: We offer funding to cover student wages or honoraria, recognizing the valuable contributions of students involved in the projects.
  3. Project Implementation Support: The accelerator provides funding to community partners to support the successful implementation of projects, ensuring their effective execution and impact.

Join us at the Community Development Accelerator to be part of a transformative journey, where together, we can drive positive change and create a brighter future for our communities.

Key Contact

Mark Friesen

Executive Director

Institute for Equity and Advancement in Education

[email protected]



Gurjashan Singh Dhummi

Community Development Coordinator

Columbia College

[email protected]