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Programs and Courses

Columbia College operates on a tri-semester system. Students can begin their program at the start of any semester. Each semester is 14 weeks and allows for a break of at least three weeks between semesters.

Columbia College maintains the highest levels of professionalism and always encourages academic excellence during the student’s journey towards acquiring their degrees. Since the length of time required to achieve an undergraduate degree in Canada can vary from three to five years, it is important that students prepare themselves for this journey in an environment which provides the highest academic course work as well as opportunities for students to learn vital classroom skills. Columbia College provides such an environment. One on one instructor-student interactions are a vital part of a college student’s academic development, and smaller class sizes at Columbia College ensure an excellent academic standard is maintained. Smaller class sizes also means more opportunities for students to work together with classmates and hone the teamwork skills they will need both in university and throughout their careers.

Columbia College is well recognized within the BC Transfer System. Transfer credit is pre-arranged for university courses completed at Columbia College with local universities such as the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria. It is customary for other universities in BC and the United States to recognize the transfer credits listed by the British Columbia Commission on Admissions and Transfer, BCCAT (see

Fall Semester: September to December
Winter Semester: January to April
Summer Semester: May to August