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University Courses

Course Number Course Name

Accounting 251

Financial Accounting

Accounting 254

Managerial Accounting

Anthropology 110

Introductory Anthropology I

Anthropology 120

Introductory Anthropology II

Anthropology 212

Gender, Sex and Culture

Anthropology 230

Introduction to Economic Anthropology

Applied Science 151

Fundamentals of Graphics Communication for Engineers

Applied Science 160

Fundamentals of Computer Programming for Engineers

Art 100

A History of Art: An Introduction

Art 210

Contemporary Art in Canada

Art 230 Nineteenth Century Art in Europe

Asian Studies 110

Introduction to East Asia (China)

Asian Studies 120

Introduction to East Asia (Japan)

Asian Studies 131 Introduction to Asian Religions

Asian Studies 150

Introduction to South Asia (Indian Religions)

Asian Studies 213

Religion, Myth, and Literature in Indian Cinema

Biochemistry 201

Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Biology 100

Concepts in Human Health and Biology

Biology 110

Introduction to Biology I

Biology 120

Introduction to Biology II

BIOLOGY 130 Anatomy and Physiology

Biology 200

Cell Biology

Biology 205 Introduction to Microbiology

Biology 234

Fundamentals of Genetics

Business 250

Introduction to Marketing

Business 272

Organizational Behaviour

Business 290

Management Science

Business 291

Business and Economics Applications of Statistics

Business 298

Corporate Finance and Capital Markets

Chemistry 100

Chemistry and the World Around Us

Chemistry 121

General Chemistry I

Chemistry 123

General Chemistry II

Chemistry 210

Organic Chemistry I

Chemistry 220

Organic Chemistry II

Chemistry 230

Organic Chemistry

Computer Science 101

Connecting with Computer Science

Computer Science 120

Introduction to Computing Science and Programming I

Computer Science 125

Introduction to Computing Science and Programming II

Computer Science 150

Introduction to Digital and Computer System Design

Computer Science 165 Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web

Computer Science 225

Data Structures and Programming

Computer Science 237

Introduction to Computers and Information Systems in Business

Computer Science 250

Introduction to Computer Architecture

Computer Science 275

Software Engineering

Computer Science 295

Introduction to Computer Systems

Criminology 100

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

Criminology 150

Introduction to Criminology

Criminology 251

The Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour

Criminology 252

Sociological Explanations of Crime and Deviance

Economics 101

Introductory Economics

Economics 103

Principles of Microeconomics

Economics 105

Principles of Macroeconomics

Economics 207

Managerial Economics

Economics 240

Money, Banking and Financial Markets

Economics 260

Environmental Economics

Economics 280

Labour Economics

Economics 290

Canadian Microecomic Theory

Economics 291


English 098

Academic Preparation I

English 099

Academic Preparation II

English 100

Language and Composition

English 101

Approaches to Academic Writing

English 108

Introduction to Literary Non-fiction

English 110

20th Century Poetry and Fiction

English 121

Introduction to the Novel

English 131

Introduction to Drama

English 210

English Literature to the Restoration

English 215

Popular Fiction

English 220

English Literature from the Restoration

English 230

Modern Canadian Literature

English 231

Introduction to Dramatic Forms and Conventions

English 240

Modern American Literature

English 250

Business and Technical Writing

French 101

Introductory French I

French 102

Introductory French

Geography 100

Introduction to Human Geography

Geography 200

Social Geography

Geography 230 Environment and Society: The Geography of Environmental Challenges

History 110

Canada's History Before 1867

History 120

Canada's History After 1867

History 211

Nineteenth Century Europe

Latin Amercian 100

Latin American Studies

Mass Communication 110

Introduction to Communication Theory

Mass Communication 130

Explorations in Mass Communication

Mass Communication 205

Introduction to Nonverbal Communication

Mass Communication 210

Social History of Communication

Mass Communication 220

Understanding Television

Mass Communication 223

Advertising as Social Communication

Mass Communication 230

Cultural Industries in Canada

Mass Communication 253

Introduction to Information Technology: The New Media

Mass Communication 262

Research Methods in Communication Studies

Mathematics 090

Basic Mathematics

Mathematics 100


Mathematics 105

Introductory Statistics

Mathematics 110

Pre-Calculus Plus

Mathematics 111

Calculus I For Business and Social Sciences

Mathematics 112

Calculus II for Business and Social Sciences

Mathematics 113

Calculus I for Science and Engineering

Mathematics 114

Calculus II

Mathematics 115

Calculus I for the Life Sciences

Mathematics 116

Calculus II for the Life Sciences

Mathematics 120

Discrete Mathematics I

Mathematics 206

Mathematical Statistics

Mathematics 213

Calculus III

Mathematics 214

Calculus IV

Mathematics 215

Mathematical Proof

Mathematics 221

Discrete Mathematics II

Mathematics 225

Analysis I

Mathematics 230

Ordinary Differential Equations

Mathematics 235 Introduction to Differential Equations for Engineers

Mathematics 252

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Philosophy 101

Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophy 102

Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy 113

Introduction to Informal Logic

Philosophy 213

Introduction to Symbolic Logic

Philosophy 260

Science and Society

Physics 110

Newtonian Mechanics

Physics 118

Engineering Mechanics

Physics 120

Electricity and Magnetism

Physics 130

Thermodynamics and Optics

Physics 200

Introduction to Modern Physics

Physics 205

Thermal Physics

Physics 210

Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism

Political Science 100

Introductory Political Science

Political Science 200

Introduction to Canadian Government

Political Science 202

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Political Science 210

Introduction to International Relations and Global Politics

Political Science 240 Introduction to Political Theory
Political Science 252 Introduction to the Politics of the City
Political Science 253 Introduction to Public Policy
Political Science 260 Decolonizing Development: The Politics of Progress

Psychology 110

Introductory Psychology I

Psychology 120

Introductory Psychology II

Psychology 210

Introductory Child Psychology

Psychology 217

Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology

Psychology 218 Introduction to Data Analysis in Psychology

Psychology 220

Behaviour Disorders

Psychology 240

Social Psychology

Psychology 270

Theories of Personality

Psychology 281 Introduction to Biological Psychology

Psychology 299

Introduction to Ecopsychology

Sociology 110

Introduction to Sociology I

Sociology 120

Introduction To Sociology II

Sociology 230

Sociology of Work

Sociology 250

Comparative Ethnic/Racial Relationships

Spanish 101

Introductory Spanish

Spanish 102

Introductory Spanish

Writing 099

Writing 099

Writing Discourse 098

Writing Discourse 098

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