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How Transfer Works

In Canada and the United States, students may either proceed to university directly from high school or after completing one or two years at a college. The University Transfer Programs offered by colleges allow students to take their first and second year university-level studies in the more personal atmosphere of a smaller college before transferring to second or third year at a university. Some colleges, Columbia College among them, are authorized to offer two-year Associate Degrees. These degrees, awarded upon completion of at least 20 courses (and the fulfillment of certain specific requirements) are useful both as a stand-alone qualification and also as a basis of admission to third year at university.

Transfer credit is pre-arranged for university courses completed at Columbia College with local and regional universities such as the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Capilano University, University of the Fraser Valley, University of Northern British Columbia and Vancouver Island University. It is customary for other universities in Canada and the United States to recognize the transfer credits listed by the British Columbia Commission on Admissions and Transfer, BCCAT (see However, students need to check with the admissions office of the university to which they seek admission (if outside BC) in regard to transferability of particular courses.

The length of time required to achieve an undergraduate degree in Canada can vary from three to five years, depending on the student’s background, the type of undergraduate degree sought, course load and the program requirements of the particular university in which the degree is earned. The average length of time required to obtain a Bachelor’s degree is four years.

In most university programs, the first year is a general year in which students choose a broad range of courses in addition to courses in their area of specialization. Specialization does not usually begin until the second year. A pre-Commerce year has been introduced in several universities. Depending on the university to which a student may go, a one to two-year transfer program at Columbia College usually fulfills requirements for pre-professional degree programs (such as Commerce or Engineering) or for the first one to two years of a four-year degree program (such as Economics or Communication).

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