Bursary Student Profile: Tasneem Shurbaji


My name is Tasneem Shurbaji and I am originally from Syria. I came to Canada five years ago and I’m proud to say I received my Canadian citizenship a year ago! I have been studying in Columbia college as a bursary student for almost three years and I am finishing up my University Transfer Program in Winter, 2021. I started at CC in the English Language Center in 096 and then moved onto Highschool where I earned by Dogwood Diploma. I plan on transferring to a SFU to finish my Chemistry undergrad so I can apply to the Pharmacy program in UBC.

Before I came to Columbia College, I was studying in a public high school. I decided to move from my school because my friends told me that Columbia College is extremely helpful and takes shorter time to finish high school than in a normal school. I was able to finish high school more quickly and move onto college courses right away. Columbia College supports every single student with their mental health, career path, their outside activities, and so many other support more than my previous school.  My favorite thing about Columbia College is that I can make new friends and teachers from all around the world and learn about their culture. I love Columbia College because all staff are incredibly supportive, and helpful for all students.

I really want to thank all Columbia College staff for supporting me to start my education with the Resettlement Bursary!