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Attention: All students planning to complete an Associate Degree

Make sure you have done a Degree Audit (i.e. a checklist of the requirements).  A paper copy of the checklist can be found on the wall in Student Services (Room 211).

Common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Registering in too many courses for a category (e.g. too many Arts courses): These courses become redundant, and cannot be counted towards your Associate Degree. This is a waste of your time and money.
  2. Not registering in Pre-requisite courses first: Most Second year courses have pre-requisites that must be completed first.
  3. Postponing English 099 or 100 too long if you have not received a “C”: You may find that you have to stay 1 extra semester to complete the 6 credits that are required.
  4. Postponing Math Science requirements too long for AD Arts (e.g.:  a Lab course which meets 3 days a week)
  5. Not understanding precluded credits (e.g. Math 100 and Math 110 count only as 1 course – 3 credits; Math 111 and Math 113 also count as 1 course towards an Associate Degree)
  6. Not having a cumulative GPA of 2.0: You may have to repeat a course to improve cum GPA. A cumulative GPA of 1.98 will not get you an Associate Degree.

See a counsellor for a degree audit if you have any questions.  It may prevent you from facing problems in the future.



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