Mental Health

As a student, you are likely dealing with many different personal challenges and stressful situations in addition to your school work. You are not alone. Learn about some common mental health challenges, resources offered by Columbia College and the local community, helpful online tools, and more.

Columbia College Counsellors

Columbia College counsellors are available to provide help and guidance for a wide range of life challenges and mental health concerns. Counsellors can assist with issues related to anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, grief, addiction, adjustment to life in Canada, as well as academic and career planning matters. If you are experiencing a crisis, Columbia College counsellors can assist and refer you to the appropriate community agency.

Due to COVID-19, counselling is available virtually. Audio call or video call are available via Microsoft Teams. If you would like to book a counselling appointment, please email [email protected] or [email protected] 


We understand that what you share with counsellors is private information, so this material is held in the strictest confidence. The counsellor you speak with may consult with other Columbia College counsellors for supervision purposes. Counsellors are also required by law to report when individuals may be an imminent danger to themselves or others; current instances of child abuse are evident; and when required to do so if files are subpoenaed.

Mental Health Workshops

As part of our Mental Health and Wellness initiatives, Mental Health Workshops On-Demand are available at a time of convenience for you to access. Workshops will be pre-recorded in a video format and posted on different days throughout the semester. 

Tools and Resources

These community agencies and organizations offer specialized mental health services in a variety of important areas. Explore their websites to learn more about what they offer.

Anxiety Canada 

This online resource provides self-help information on anxiety disorders, stress, depression, panic attacks, and more. It also access to the MindShift app, and a dedicated section for youth.

Crisis Centre

The Crisis Centre provides free and confidential emotional support 24 hours a day, seven days a week through phone lines and online chats. The Crisis Centre also provides workshops about mental and emotional wellness, and information on suicide prevention on their website.


QMunity aims to respond to the needs of British Columbia’s queer, trans and Two-Spirit communities. The organization provides free counselling, support groups, information and referrals, and youth one-on-one peer support.

Looking Glass Foundation

This is a community of prevention and support for those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. They provide residential care, a summer camp, online and in person support, and scholarships.

Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW)

WAVAW works to end all forms of violence against women. They provide services including a free 24 hour crisis line, 24 hour hospital accompaniment, a counselling program, support groups, victim services, educational outreach, and more.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

CMHA gives access to accurate information on a variety of mental health disorders, mental health quizzes, and more.

Counselling BC Directory

If you are interested in finding a registered counsellor in the community, this directory can lead you in the right direction. Search by geographic area, type of issue you are experiencing, language, and more. View profiles of counsellors across British Columbia to find the right fit for you.


This website offers resources designed to help youth be aware of thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and physical symptoms that may indicate possible mental health challenges. It also offers skills and strategies to help manage these problems (including depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol/substance use, psychosis, body image, eating, etc.).

Here are some of our favourite apps that can help you confront mental health challenges, such as reducing anxiety, tracking mood and practicing mindfulness to increase your overall health and wellbeing.


The free MindShift app is designed to help you deal with anxiety and stop it from controlling your life. It can help you cope by providing a variety of everyday strategies and specific tools so you can take charge of your anxiety and your life.


Use this free app as your own mental health companion. You can take a mental health assessment, post private or public messages about your journey, and track your mood, sleep, exercise, and other measures.


Mindfulness encourages awareness of oneself in the present moment without judgment. It helps you refocus on the present and calm your mind, and has many benefits for overall health and wellbeing. This app helps users try out a variety of mindfulness practices.