Grading System

University Transfer Courses and Non-credit English courses

Grade % Points Rating
A+ 90-100 4.3 Excellent
A 85-89 4.0
A- 80-84 3.7 Very Good
B+ 76-79 3.3
B 72-75 3.0
B- 68-71 2.7 Good
C+ 64-67 2.3
C 60-63 2.0 Satisfactory
C- 55-59 1.7
D 50-54 1.0 Marginal Pass
F 0-49 0.0 Fail
N below 50 0.0 Failure for non-completion or non-attendance*
CP Course in Progress

*A grade of N may be assigned for the following reasons:
– Where a student has failed to attend 50% or more of class meetings,
– Where a student has failed to submit 50% or more of assigned course work,
– Where a student has not completed the minimum lab requirement in a course with a lab component,
– Where a student has failed to write the final exam.

It should be noted that a grade of D (university system) indicates a marginal pass and is not a sufficient grade for the course to fulfill a prerequisite requirement.

High School Courses

For High School courses the College uses the grading system recommended by the BC Ministry of Education.

Grade % Points Rating
A 86-100 4.0 Excellent
B 73-85 3.0 Very Good
C+ 67-72 2.5 Good
C 60-66 2.0 Satisfactory
C- 50-59 1.0 Pass
F below 50 0.0 Fail
I below 50 0.0 In progress or Incomplete

Other terms that may appear in place of grades on a student’s permanent record include:

AU: Audit. The student registered in the course but not for credit, and so no grade was assessed.

DE: Grade Deferred. A deferral is granted by an instructor who is satisfied that, due to illness or other serious personal or family problems, a student is unable to complete the course requirements for a grade. A student granted a deferral will have until the first Thursday of the next semester to make up the course requirements.  Failure to do so will result in an F on the student’s permanent record.

CP: In Progress. Indicates that the course was still in progress at the time the transcript was issued.

P: Pass. Indicates a pass in a course that is only assessed on a “Pass” or “Fail” basis. (“F” would indicate a fail in such a course.)

R: An “R” beside a letter grade (e.g. RD) indicates that the course has been repeated. The letter R is assigned to the lower of the grades obtained for the course.  The R grade is not included in the calculation of the Columbia College Cumulative GPA, and no credit is granted for it.  However, some universities (e.g. UBC) include repeated courses when calculating cumulative GPAs for admission purposes.

SG: Standing Granted. The student has been granted credit for the course even though the student has not completed the normal requirements. Only granted in exceptional circumstances.

TS: Transfer Standing. The student has been granted high school transfer credit.

W: Withdrawal from a course.