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Columbia College is an independent not-for-profit college with over 85 years of history. Since 1936, the College has helped students find their voice with the confidence to use it in ways that will better their future. As a registered charity, all revenues and resources are invested in education. The college has supported students from all different backgrounds with unique initiatives to enable their success.  

Quick Facts!

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Quality: Since 1936, Columbia College has prepared thousands of international students achieve academic success and make a positive impact on the world as global citizens.
DLI Number: O19279591302
Programs: Associate Degrees, University Transfer Program, High School, English for Academic Purposes

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Treshia Gunardi

Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 604-683-8360

Tuition & Cost of Living

Sample Semester Tuition for High School 



3 courses (12 credits) 


4 courses (16 credits) 





University Transfer 

1 year* or 30 credits 


University Transfer 

2 years* or 60 credits 


Associate Degree 

2 years* or 60 credits 


*based on 2 semesters a year 




Room & Board (Homestay without Custodial Service)  



Public Transportation (3 zones for adults)  



Less: Columbia College Transportation Subsidy excluding high school (3 semesters)  



Total Transportation Cost 



Health Insurance  



General Expenses  



Total Estimated Living Cost   



*Expanded Tuition and Cost of Living information can be found here Cost of Studying and Estimated Living Expenses.


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