Volunteer for Orientation

Orientation Team in May 2021

Want to Get Involved?

Applications for the Winter 2022 Orientation Team are open until November 26, 2021.

Volunteering for Orientation takes place in the 3-4 weeks leading up to each semester.

Orientation Leaders make a new student’s transition to their Canadian College experience positive and exciting!

They help new students in many ways:

  • Mentor a small group of new students
  • Answer questions
  • Facilitate new friendships
  • Provide information about Columbia College
  • Connect new students with support staff as needed

Before new students arrive at Columbia College for their first semester, we provide a virtual program which involves tutorials for the learning platforms used at CC, information sessions with support staff to learn about our student services and how to access them, as well as fun opportunities to meet other students and make friends. This culminates to Orientation Day, which takes place on the Friday before the first day of classes.

Orientation Day is full of exciting face-to-face opportunities. Students can explore the campus, meet-and-greet with teachers and staff, learn more about the support services provided to students, connect with a small group of students from their program, and more! The day always ends with an exciting activity in the community with the Student Life Coordinator. Past activities include bowling, FlyOver Canada and walking tours in Downtown Vancouver.

Orientation Leaders (OLs) guide a small group of new students through their Orientation experience. All new students feel nervous on their first day at CC. Think back to what it was like when you were a new student stepping into campus for the first time. Orientation Leaders play a key role in turning the nervous jitters into excitement and motivation! Leaders guide a group of new students through the orientation process and are critical to a new student’s overall success in their first semester at CC. They facilitate new friendships between new students, provide mentorship and support, and help build a welcoming and friendly CC culture. OLs may be asked to assist with pre-orientation preparation such as binder stuffing or event setup.

  • You’ll learn how various departments of CC operate independently and together.
  • You’ll develop public speaking, mentorship, facilitation, and teamwork skills.
  • You’ll practice virtual event planning skills.
  • You’ll learn about the campus resources and opportunities available at CC.

Orientation Leaders help build and support a positive and welcoming community of new students through…

  • Outreach to new students before the orientation program
  • Mentoring a small group of new students
  • Hosting live virtual events and answering questions about what new students can expect
  • Informing new students about the campus resources and opportunities available to them
  • Assisting with the delivery of Orientation programs
  • Facilitating a safe, fun and inclusive group
  • Leading icebreakers
  • Guiding campus tours
  • Engaging with new students to create a positive campus culture

If you have questions

For questions about the positions or more, please email Student Life.