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PSYC 299: Introduction to Ecopsychology

This course will explore the scientific links between three key domains – human psychology, wilderness/nature experiences, and environmental problems – with a particular focus on two key questions: (1) What impact does nature have on

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SOCI 110: Introductory Sociology I

An introduction to the study of human society and social interaction. The theoretical perspectives of functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism are examined along with basic concepts such as culture, family, work and more. An

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SOCI 120: Introductory Sociology II

This course is a continuation of Sociology 110. While the basic aim of the course remains the application of sociological perspectives in understanding group life and individual behavior, the focus is on topics such as,

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SOCI 230: Sociology of Work

This course explores the social organization of work by drawing on key sociological theories, research, and concepts, with a focus on Canadian society. The course also explores transformations in work within broader global processes, including

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SOCI 250: Comparative Ethnic Relations

This course offers an overview of the sociological study of ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ using examples from the Canadian context. It introduces students to the processes involved in the social construction of ‘racial’ and ethnic categories,

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SPAN 101: Introductory Spanish I

This is an introductory course for students with no previous knowledge of Spanish. The course is designed to give students a solid grounding in the basics of the Spanish language. The classes will survey the

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