PSCI 253: Introduction to Public Policy

Introduction to Public Policy

PSCI 253: Introduction to Public Policy


Political Science 100, 101, or 202 and 12 credits

English 100

This course examines the development of public policy with a focus on Canadian governance issues. Course content is split into three broad themes. First, students will be introduced to the policy cycle and foundational theories in policy making and governance. Students will examine challenges and opportunities associated with multi-level governance structures, policy implementation and its evaluation. Second, students will explore pertinent policy issues in the contemporary world, with particular focus on indigenous policy and governance, social policy, health policy, and economic policy. Finally, students will engage with a number of critical perspectives that have often been under-conceptualized in traditional governance structures, as well as strategies for ensuring not only that these undeserved constituencies are not only heard, but that their interests are served.