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Douglas Uche Okwara

I would recommend Columbia College because the instructors are always generous and helpful in sharing their knowledge and experience with students. My advice to students from Nigeria who are thinking of attending Columbia College is to get ready to study a lot and be challenged. Prepare for the difficult journey ahead but know that you will learn from this experience!

Nazar Toktonaliev

Columbia College was the first institution which I attended upon my arrival to Canada. Ultimately, it was the window through which I explored Canada and Vancouver in particular. The staff and the College’s education programs were designed in a way that allowed me to easily transition into a different education system and new community. The courses allowed me to develop technical skills such as business writing, academic research, and communication, which were the underlying reasons of my later academic success. In addition, classroom discussions and interactions with instructors helped me grow my critical thinking and presentation skills which I still utilize in my professional career. Overall, my educational experience at CC was very rewarding and enjoyable. 

Brylle Navea

Columbia College has helped me achieve my initial goal of getting into UBC. Now I use what I have learned in Columbia College to help me get by in UBC (study techniques, time management). Columbia College has also helped me in a variety of ways such as preparing me for studies in UBC and knowing what works for me and what doesn’t when it comes to achieving my goals. One of my favourite memories I have of Columbia College is being on the dragon boat team. We were a team of novice paddlers who ended up winning after countless practices and motivating each other to try our hardest. Also, Columbia College introduced me to a solid group of friends and a support system which definitely helped me excel and adjust to life here in Canada, most of whom I am still really close with.

Fati Sanogo

When I moved on to the University Transfer program at Columbia College after completing my high school courses, I was more prepared to take on university-level courses. As a Student Services Assistant working part-time at Columbia College, I answered questions from students. I also entered data and helped plan events in Student Services. I loved being around people! I’ve developed important skills which will help me in my future career. My advice for students is to go out of your lane. Get involved! Meet people. Go out there and volunteer. Get a job somewhere. Make friends that you wouldn’t expect to become friends with, because you never know who you’re going to meet, and you’ll meet awesome friends if you go out of your comfort zone.

Xiaoyan (Alice) Situ

Columbia College is a great choice for students who have just arrived in Canada and are in the process of adjusting to a new environment. Professors are diligent and responsible. Whenever we constantly have questions for them, they are more than willing to answer us. After I graduated from university many years later, I still keep in close contact with some of my past professors at Columbia College. We’re almost like family! They often share their past academic and daily experiences with me, so that I can learn from them and figure out how I want to live my life and make good decisions for my future.
Yvonne Chen

Yvonne Chen

I’m so grateful to Columbia College for the individual attention, small class sizes, and the chance to participate hands-on in extra-curricular activities. I graduated from UBC in 2016 from Sociology and Economics after studying Business at Columbia College. Now I’m working as a General Manager in an educational company. I knew Columbia College was the place for me from the time I met Helena (Admissions Officer) in China. She was there for me when I arrived, throughout my studies, and I still keep in touch with her! My transition to UBC was so easy because of my experience there.