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Drawful 2, Again!

Virtual Student Lounge

If you loved Drawful 2 and want to play again, or you missed it the first time, here's your chance. Drawful 2 is the game of terrible drawings and hilariously wrong answers! Use your phone or tablet to draw funny and challenging things like “creepy tiger” or “two moms having a great day.” Your Student …

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Virtual Student Lounge

Nominate one person to be the speaker and the rest are artists. The speaker uses a random image generator you can find online to source a suitable image, and the goal is to describe that image in such a way that the artists can draw it successfully. The one guideline that makes this task challenging …

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Yoga Break

Virtual Student Lounge

Yoga is a great way to stay physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Join one of our counsellors Shasha for self-care time. If you have a yoga mat, it's time to bring it out! Not committed enough to have your own? Don't worry, you can substitute it with a thick towel for now. What's important is …

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