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Academic Fees

New students applying from overseas1,2

(This amount consists of tuition fees for two (12 credit) semesters ($6,000.00 x 2)3. This amount ($12,000.00) is normally non-refundable and non-transferable, subject to 2 - 6 of the refund policy on pg. 43-46.) Also included is the cost of two semesters’ medical insurance ($190 per semester) – students will automatically be enrolled with when they register. (Students may opt out of this insurance but must show proof of alternative acceptable medical coverage. See “Medical Insurance” on page 34.) The total also includes $60 for Activity Fees for two semesters (at $30 per semester).)


Tuition Fee Deferral Charge

International students (who arrived at the College from overseas) registered in academic programs who have been attending the College for a minimum of one semester may, in very unusual circumstances, request that fees for the second semester be deferred by 4 months to a subsequent semester. Such requests must be made in writing and are granted at the discretion of the College. If granted the deferral fee will apply.


New students transferring from another institution in Canada, and continuing students who requirea letter to extend a Visa or Study Permit. (This amount consists of tuition fees for one (9 credit) semester; these fees are subject to the refund policy. Students who choose to register in more than 9 credits will be assessed fees at $500 per additional credit.)

New students transferring from another institution in Canada, and continuing students are required to register for at least three courses (minimum 9 credits). Exceptions to this rule may be made for students who have been full-time at the College for the previous two semesters.


1New students arriving from overseas are accepted as full-time students for a minimum of two semesters and are expected to register in a minimum total of 24 credits (or equivalent) in this period. The tuition deposit of $12,000.00 is not refundable and it cannot normally be carried over in whole or in part to a third or subsequent semester. Students in this category will pay a minimum of $12,000.00 tuition fees even if they register in fewer than 24 credits (total). Students who register in more than 24 credits over their first two semesters should expect to pay more than $12,000.00; the additional fees will be assessed at $500 per additional credit.

2A full-time student in the University Transfer program normally takes 9 - 15 credits (or equivalent). A full-time student in the Senior Secondary program takes 12 or 16 credits (i.e. 3 or 4 courses).

3The tuition fee for 12 credits (usually 4 university courses or 3 secondary courses) is $6,000.00 per semester. Students who choose to take 5 university courses (3 credits each or 15 credits total) will be assessed an additional tuition fee as outlined above. Students who choose to take 4 secondary courses (16 credits) will be charged $7000.00 only. For students taking a combined program, or taking noncredit English courses, tuition fees will be assessed according to the “Tuition Fees for Courses” schedule above.