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Internal Scholarships

Columbia College and our donors provide a range of financial support to reward your academic and extracurricular achievements and meet your financial needs.

As another effort to improve equity and access to education for youth, Columbia College is pleased to announce the new Emerging Region Bursary. Many regions around the world face ongoing uncertainty and structural barriers to equitable access to higher education. These funds will be targeted to youth from diverse regions where the impact of educational opportunities are emerging. Successful recipients should have a demonstrated commitment to academic success and be new applicants to Columbia College. A select number of bursaries are available for specific regions each year, dependent on available funding and the College’s commitment to equitable access to education. 

Amount: $2000

Scholarships available: 65

This scholarship is intended to provide youth who have demonstrated academic aptitude and a commitment to success, who are facing barriers, with an opportunity to access a higher education. Students must be a new applicant to Columbia College. Successful recipients will be selected from regions around the world where there are significant, ongoing, and systemic barriers to higher education.

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Application deadline is  March 15, 2024.

Amount: $3,000
Scholarships available: 5

Scholarships are awarded primarily on the basis of academic performance in the previous semester, with consideration also given to involvement in College and community activities, as well as a personal essay. Eight scholarships are awarded to students studying at the University Transfer/Associate Degree level, and the other two scholarships, including the Gerry Brown Memorial Scholarship, are awarded to two students in the Secondary Program.

Columbia College Academic Scholarships

Amount: $2,500
Frequency: Every semester
Scholarships available: 8

Gerry Brown Secondary Scholarship

Amount: $2,500
Frequency: Every semester
Scholarships available: 2

Top Student Scholarship in Arts/Business and Math/Science and Computer Science

Amount: $3,000
Frequency: Every semester
Scholarships available: 2

Awarded to an outstanding student in the Math/Sciences in memory of John Helm, former Director of Admissions, Vice Principal, and longtime employee of Columbia College.

Amount: $5,000
Frequency: Winter semester
Scholarships available: 1

Awarded to an outstanding student in the Social Sciences in memory of a former student of Columbia College.

Amount: $5,000
Frequency: Winter semester
Scholarships available: 1

In the Winter Semester of each year, one scholarship worth $5000 is awarded to an outstanding international student in the field of Business. This scholarship is provided by, the provider of the Columbia College Student Medical Plan.

In the Winter Semester of each year, one scholarship worth $5000 is awarded to an outstanding student in the UT program, nominated by two instructors. The scholarship specifically recognizes the student’s interest in, and dedication to their studies. Participation in activities at the College is also considered.

It is awarded to the student each semester who best demonstrates excellence in their University Preparatory English class (099) or classes (Engl 098 and WD 098). This award is named in memory of Gary Swanson, a long-standing, dedicated, member of the College and valued Instructor in the English Division.

Amount: $2,000
Frequency: Every semester
Awards available: 1

Scholarship for Students Transitioning from Columbia College to a Baccalaureate program at a Canadian University 

The Scholar Path Program provides financial assistance to students and alumni who have successfully graduated or are transferring from a program at Columbia College and have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, leadership potential, and a commitment to their chosen field of study.

The scholarship will be open to all students/alumni who have completed a minimum of 30 transfer credits at Columbia College and have been admitted into a Bachelor’s program at a Canadian University. 

Applicants who are Canadian Citizens or who have obtained Permanent Residency in Canada are eligible to receive $10,000 towards their first year of studies at a Canadian University. International students on a study permit are eligible to receive $30,000 towards their first year of studies at a Canadian University. A selection committee will award a limited number of scholarships each year dependent on the funding available. 

Full Details:

Scholar Path Program – Criteria and Eligibility

NEW Candidate Evaluation Rubric

The deadline for current applications is midnight on June 16, 2024.

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