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Cost of Studying

Application Fee (Effective as of September 1st, 2017)

The application fee ($200) is due with your application. If you are applying for homestay, the homestay fees are due before we place you with a family. Other fees, including tuition fees, are due in time for registration. Please refer to your letter of acceptance for details of fees due. Fees vary according to a student’s final registration.

Overseas Applicants - Academic Programs

Applicants accepted into academic programs (including academic programs with English preparation) arriving directly from overseas on a Canadian Study Permit are required to make a tuition deposit of $12,000. This deposit covers tuition fees for 24 credits of coursework over two semesters and is non-refundable once a student lands in Canada. If a student chooses to take additional credits, these are charged at the rate of $500/credit.

Local Applicants - Academic Programs

Applicants who already have legal status in Canada (as citizens, permanent residents, or on Study Permit) or who are continuing their studies at Columbia College, are required to pay a non-refundable registration commitment fee of $1500. However, students requiring a letter to extend their visa or Study Permit are expected to make a tuition deposit of $4,500 (equivalent to tuition fees for 9 credits) when they request the letter.


The following fee schedule is effective for the period September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018. All fees are in CAD dollars.

Application Fee (non-refundable). All Programs (includes English and Math Testing Fee) $200.00
Credit Courses, per credit $500.00

Tuition Fees For Courses

Credit Courses ($500.00 per credit)

University course (3 credits) $ 1,500.00
University course (4 credits) (and Math 110) $ 2,000.00
University course (8 credits) $ 4,000.00
Secondary course (2 credits) $1000.00
Secondary course (4 credits) $ 2,000.00

Non-credit courses

Writing Discourse 098, English 098, English 099 $2,000.00
Writing 099 and Math 090 $1,000.00


  • A number of tuition bursaries for the University Transfer Program are available for academically able Canadians/Permanent Residents who possess strong English and effective communications skills.
  • Sibling discounts are available to students who have brothers or sisters studying at the College, or who have studied at the College in the past. Qualifying students should consult an Admissions Officer for details.

Other Tuition Fees

Laboratory Fee (university-level computer science courses) $50.00
Dual Credit Registration

This fee is added to the cost of the University-level course. Thus, a student registering in a 3 credit university course and also receiving credit for one Secondary course will pay for 3 credits + $500, or $2000.00 total

Graduation Transitions Fee (Senior Secondary students) $500.00

Late Fee

Late Fee $50.00

This fee will be assessed for registration during the first week of classes. Additional fees will be assessed for fees paid later than the first week of classes.

Other Fees

Activity Fee (All students will pay a non-refundable Activity Fee each semester at the time of registration.) $30.00
Medical Insurance (4 months, payable at the time of registration)) with $190.00
Graduation Fee (Annual Ceremony) ($20.00 refundable on return of gown) $50.00
Book Deposit (Full-time Secondary Students)($120.00 refundable on return of books) $200.00
Appeals Fee (Grade and Plagiarism) (Refunded if appeal is successful) $50.00
NSF Cheque Fee
(Late fees will be applicable up to the time the NSF cheque is replaced.)
Testing Fee (English and Math; usually included in Application Fee)


Testing Fee for Rewriting LWA or MPT


Transcript Fee (Unofficial, includes regular mailing)

Rush service (2 hours)

Transcript Fee (Official, includes regular mailing)

Normal service (2 business days)

Transcript Fee (Official, includes regular mailing)

Rush service (2 hours)

Provincial Exam Registration Fee (Refundable) $50.00

Note: All students are required to pay tuition fees in effect for the semester of registration. Early payment of fees does not exempt a student from future fee increases.

Bonding arrangements are in place to protect students (in academic programs) who pay tuition fees in advance to Columbia College. The College posts bonds with the Ministry of Education (for students in the Secondary program) and with the Ministry of Advanced Education of B.C. (for students in the Associate Degree/University Transfer Programs) as security for fees paid in advance to the College.

Tuition fees paid for full-time English (ESL) programs are offered protection under arrangements made by Languages Canada with member schools.

Fee Deferral Policy

As noted above, new students arriving from overseas are required to pay a two-semester tuition deposit, and are expected to use this entire amount in the two semesters immediately following their arrival in Canada. Students may request that part of the deposit (not exceeding the cost of one three-credit course) be moved to a third consecutive semester, but this request must be made at the time the student registers for their second semester and may or may not be approved. Students are not usually allowed to move part of their tuition deposit to a fourth or fifth semester, but on the rare occasions where such permission is granted a deferral fee of $200.00 will be charged.