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Placement Tests

English Placement

Students who do not have the required prerequisite for an English course or who do not have a valid external English proficiency test score (such as IELTS or TOEFL) are normally required to write the Language and Writing Assessment test (LWA) or the English Placement Test (EPT) on arrival at the College to determine their appropriate English level.

Mathematics Placement

University Transfer students who wish to register in a university mathematics course, or any course with a math co-requisite, and who do not have an appropriate math pre-requisite must write the Math Placement Test (MPT).

Students scoring less than 8 out of 50 on the MPT are placed in Math 090 (non-credit). Students scoring 9 to 18 may register in Math 110, while students scoring 19 to 27 may register in Math 100. Students scoring 28 or more may register in a calculus course Math 111 (Economics/Business). Students scoring 36 or more may register in Math 113 ( Science/Engineering). 

Note: students planning to write the MPT are advised that a study guide and sample test are available on the Columbia College website.