English Language Requirements

All students must meet the college’s English Language requirements before they would receive the official Letter of Acceptance. To demonstrate your English ability, you must do one of the following:

  • Present minimum external standardized English test scores (see below).

  • Present minimum required scores in English 12 in British Columbia.

  • Present minimum required scores in first-year English taken at another college or at university in British Columbia, listed in the British Columbia Transfer Guide

  • Take the Columbia College’s Language & Writing Assessment (LWA)

  • Present proof of completing the most recent 4 years of full-time study in an English-speaking country and/or recognized international curriculum where English is the language of instruction and attain a minimum of a C in English 12 or approved equivalent.  Please note that this exemption is only for issuance of Letter of Acceptance.  It is not for placement into any English courses.  

Students may be placed in university transfer (credit) English or university preparatory (non-credit) English, on the basis of Columbia College’s Language and Writing Assessment (LWA) results or on the basis of acceptable external standardized English test scores.  If you take the LWA and also present external test results (as listed below), we will place you according to whichever score is better. We do not accept external tests written more than two years before you register at the college.

The minimum scores for placement in an English course are as follows:

English Language Requirements

University Transfer Courses and Noncredit English Courses [1]:

High School Courses[1]:


  1. For placement purposes, all English tests scores are considered to have a shelf life of two years. This also applies to Secondary courses such as an English 12 in British Columbia and its equivalent elsewhere. Post-secondary courses listed in the BC Transfer Guide are considered to have a shelf-life of five years.

  2. Academic Test

  3. To achieve the “Total” score the student must score more than the minimum in at least one component.

  4. Duolingo English Test is temporarily being accepted for Winter 2021, May 2021 and Fall 2021 semester due to the COVID-19 situation and the closure of various other testing centers.