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Engineering Program

Columbia College offers courses that are equivalent to those taken in the first-year Engineering (Applied Sciences) programs at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU), and the University of Victoria (UVIC). 

Students who complete the courses listed below qualify for a Columbia College First Year Engineering Certificate.

Students interested in pursuing an Engineering degree at UBC, SFU, or UVIC should consult a College counsellor (and also the specific university they wish to attend) in order to determine which of the courses listed below are required for the specific program in question.

One of the folloing three combination of Physics courses:

Applied Science 151(4) Computer Aided Engineering Graphics
Applied Science 160(3) Fundamentals of Computer Programming for Engineers
Chemistry 121 (4) General Chemistry I
Chemistry 123 (4) General Chemistry II

English 100 (3)

or English 101 (3)

Language and Composition

or Approaches to Academic Writing

Mathematics 113 (3) Calculus I (for Sciences)
Mathematics 114 (3) Calculus I (for Sciences)
Mathematics 252 (3) Linear Algebra & Differential Equations

One of the following three combinations of Physics courses:

Physics 110(4) & 120(4)

Physics 110(4) & 130(4)

Physics 130(4) & 120(4)


Newtonian Mechanics & Electricity & Magnetism

Newtonian Mech. & Optics & Thermodynamics

Optics & Therm. and Electricity & Magnetism

Physics 118(4) Engineering Mechanics
Arts Elective(3) Any Arts course
Total Credits: 42