MATH 110: Precalculus Plus

Precalculus Plus

MATH 110: Precalculus Plus


Math Placement Test (MPT 1 with 12 or MPT 2 with 0) or Mathematics 090 with C- or Foundations of Mathematics 12 with C- or Precalculus 11 with C-

Note: Credit will not be granted for both Math 100 and Math 110.

Precalculus Plus is a comprehensive first year university mathematics course designed to prepare students to take university-level calculus courses for Social Sciences or for Physical Sciences or Engineering. The course begins with a review of algebra followed by a detailed study of functions used in calculus including exponential logarithmic and trigonometric functions and their graphs. Mathematics 110, has the same learning outcomes as Mathematics 100, but has extra time allocated to it so as to allow the course to cover some extra basic topics at the start of the course.