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Transcript Requests

Student Copy

Each student receives a complete, up-to-date transcript at the end of each semester. If the student is under the age of 19 and in a Foundation Program or ESL, then a copy of this transcript is also mailed to the student’s parents. Parents of students in the University Transfer Program who are under the age of 19 will not normally receive regular communications from the College on their son/daughter’s registration and performance. If parents have concerns about such matters, however, they are encouraged to contact Student Services, and they will be provided with more information.

In accordance with Canadian privacy laws, the parents of students over the age of 19 will not receive information concerning the student’s progress unless a consent form is signed by the student at his or her initial registration or as part of the application process.

Additional student copies of transcripts may be ordered and picked up from the main office.

Official Copies

Upon the request of a student, official transcripts will be mailed directly to a university or college. Official transcripts will normally not be released to students directly.

Transcript Ordering Fees

Students are able to access and print unofficial transcript through the Student Portal.

Official Transcript Fee (includes regular mailing)

Normal service (2 business days) $5.00
Rush service (2 hours) $20.00

Payment can be made by cash, Money Order, debit or credit card

Please send all transcript requests by e-mail to: