Payment Methods

Tuition, homestay, and application fees can be paid using one of the following options:


Option 1

Flywire is the preferred payment processing partner for Columbia College to process payments from outside of Canada and locally. Flywire does not process payments from sanctioned countries.  For more information go to To start a payment, click on the image below and fill in the values to choose your preferred method of payment.


Flywire Customer Support Information:

Option 2

Bank Wire Transfer

Payments from outside of Canada and locally may be made via bank wire transfer directly to Columbia College’s bank account at TD Canada Trust. Transfer details are available upon request by emailing [email protected]. Bank wire transfers may take up to two weeks to be received by Columbia College.


Accounting will reply to your email within one business day. If you send an email at the weekend we will provide a reply by the end of the next business day. Please put your student number and name in the subject line when emailing [email protected].

There are two options to pay tuition fees.


  1. The first one is using Flywire via the Student Portal. Flywire is a more efficient and convenient method of payment and you can pay by your VISA or MASTERCARD,by making a bank transfer, or by using your debit card. Please note that Scotiabank does not allow bank transfers or debit card payments. Please follow the instructions carefully and your deposit will be in your student account within one business day. See this page for further information: Flywire Instructions for Payment

  2. The second option is to pay by a bank wire transfer using the information in this instruction sheet: Payment by TT info for TD Bank.

An incorrect birthdate will NOT affect any payments you make using Flywire.

The Accounting department monitors payments and will make the change on your behalf to the correct semester. If you want to confirm that the correct semester was used, please email [email protected].

We have created this Tuition Calculator to help you work out how much you need to pay for both advanced payments and tuition instalment payments: Fall 2020 Tuition Calculator.

Please check how many credits each course has on the Calendar. The tuition fee is $535 per credit, and you need to add $50 for Computer Science or Applied Science (except Applied Science 151 as it is a four credit course). If you are taking Math 110, the fee is $2,140, even though it is a three-credit course. Please add $190 if you do not have MSP or have not provided confirmation of MSP coverage to Columbia College. To show your MSP, please e-mail a photo of the front and back of your card to [email protected] before your registration day.