Dragon Boat


Columbia College CC Riders Dragon Boat Team is looking for enthusiastic and energetic students! We are welcoming new paddlers on an ongoing basis. There will be two practices per week, days/times TBD. We will be racing at regattas in April, May and June 2023.

What is Dragon Boat?

Dragon boat is a fun team sport on the water. This sport has been around for over 2000 years and originates in China. See the video below for a 1-minute history behind the dragon boat festival!

A dragon boat is a long canoe-like boat with 20 paddlers that sit side-by-side paddling in unison to propel the boat through the water. At the front is a drummer or caller, whose job is to call commands and keep the paddlers in time. At the back is a steersperson to guide the boat straight.

In Vancouver, we have the largest international dragon boat festival in North America, the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival! Over 200 teams from all over the world come to compete in this world-class regatta.


Students who are interested to learn more about CC Riders should fill the form below. Emails about dragon boat will only be sent to students on this mailing list.


Dates: March 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023
Practices: Twice a week, TBD
Location: Dragon Zone Paddling Club (1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0B1)
Price: $200.00/student
Spaces: 24 openings remaining
Contact: Zerlinda, Team Manager

Below are videos from past dragon boat festivals. You can get a feel for the event and what dragon boat races are like.

Inlet Spring Regatta 2022

Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival 2022