BC Transfer Guide

Columbia College participates in the BC Transfer System as overseen by the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT). Within this system, BC colleges and universities guarantee that they will grant transfer credit for specific courses taken at colleges, normally for 2 years of post-secondary study. Universities across Canada and the United States will normally grant similar transfer credits for courses taken at Columbia College. Additionally, Alberta has a separate agreement with BC, granting BC colleges and universities transfer credit in Alberta.

New transfer information is added throughout the year. For complete up-to-date transfer information, including transfer of Columbia College courses to BC colleges and universities (From Columbia College or Transfer Out), and transfer of BC college and universities courses to Columbia College (To Columbia College or Transfer In), please refer to the following Instructions:

The “Transfer In” or “To” Widget allows for students to search how courses taken at another post-secondary institution will receive transfer credit at Columbia College.

The “Transfer Out” or “From” Widget allows for students to see how courses they’ve taken at Columbia College will receive transfer credit at another post-secondary institution.