BC Transfer Guide

Columbia College participates in the BC Transfer System as overseen by the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT). Within this system BC universities guarantee that they will grant transfer credit for specific courses taken at colleges. Universities across Canada and the United States will normally grant similar transfer credits for courses taken at Columbia College. Most universities in Canada have signed the Pan-Canadian Protocol on the Transferability of University Credits and are committed to maximizing the portability of university credits. Receiving institutions in other provinces will evaluate and assign transfer credit upon application.

In 2007, the coordinating bodies of the Transfer Systems in BC and Alberta (BCCAT and ACAT respectively) signed the British Columbia/Alberta Transfer System Protocol to provide assurance to students transferring between institutions in BC and Alberta that they will “receive transfer credit for courses or programs they have successfully completed where the content/outcomes are demonstrably equivalent to those offered at the institution to which they transfer.” Under the terms of this agreement, Columbia College courses will normally be awarded transfer credit by universities in Alberta, just as they are in BC.

New transfer information is added throughout the year. For complete up-to-date transfer information, including transfer of Columbia College courses to BC universities, see the BC Transfer Guide.

For more information, see the Calendar for the Columbia College University Transfer Guide.