Gay-Straight Alliance


Do you wonder who and what a rainbow flag does really represent?
Do you come from a background that suppressed self-expression?
Or are you on a big journey of discovering yourself?
Either way, we will be glad to see you in our club!

We are students just like you, and we want to show there is no and should be no mystery, exoticism or ‘weirdness’ around the LGBT2QIA+ community, the same as it is for anyone else.

We aim to raise awareness about the community and create a welcoming, safe, and accepting space where students of any background, identity or sexuality can find their voice without a fear of judgement or discrimination.

We provide activities, conversation and support for everyone in need, not exclusively for the members of LGBT2QIA+ community, but for the allies too. Our strength is in numbers!

Our club has:

  • Lobbied for the opening of the all-gender washroom (first in an international college in BC!)
  • Screened Emergence, a movie about the Vancouver Indian LGBTQ+ community
  • Hosted a Drag Talk event and a Drag Show to showcase different ways of expressing gender
  • Marched in the Women’s Memorial March in solidarity with Indigenous women and girls
  • Participated in Pink Shirt Day, Canada’s national day against bullying

We hope to have activities every semester, and would love to hear from you about events you would like to see!


If you want to join us or have any further questions about the GSA, please don’t hesitate to email our sponsor or drop by the library in-person. Personal details about the club and its members are kept confidential to assure our students’ safety.


Club Sponsor: Faith Jones (on leave) Courtney Miller (acting sponsor)
Please check the clubs timetable for weekly club meeting time and location (


The GSA advocated for our gender-inclusive washroom, and worked with College administration to create a good design for the space. It was completed in February 2022.
Delica Cee, a well-known local drag artist, showed videos and explained her evolution as a drag artist to a large crowd in November 2018