Library News

Black text on a yellow background that says "Week 13 & 14 EXTENDED LIBRARY HOURS. We're open longer so you can keep studying!" With 3 clocks partially visible on the left-hand side of the picture.

Extended Library Hours

For the week leading up to final exams and for the final exam week, the Library will be open longer, so you can keep studying!

White text on a blue background that says "July 29 - August 3 Fine Forgiveness Week!" with an image of a piggy bank that has gold coins falling into it.

Fine Forgiveness Week

Come to the library July 29 – August 3 and complete a short activity to have up to $25 in fines waived! 

Image reads "Caution: read at your own risk."

Freedom to Read Week

February 24 – March 2 is Freedom to Read week. Read on to learn about the controversial books you can borrow from CC Library!

Mouse on cheese with text "have you been feeding the mice?"

New Food Policy

We are enforcing a new “No Food in the Library” policy until we can get the mouse situation under control. 

Have a Question? AskAway!

Need help finding articles or books for your research paper? Not able to come to the Library? Never fear, AskAway is here!

New Resource: Statista!

Want to know how many Canadians use recreational marijuana? How much people spent on cosmetics in the last ten years?