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College Policies

Academic Policies

Academic policies are set by the Academic Board; students wanting explanation of these policies should consult with a Counsellor. Students who wish to dispute a College academic policy, or its application, should address their concern in writing to the Academic Board, which will normally respond in writing within two weeks. This decision may be appealed to the Board of Governors.

General Conduct and Attendance

Regular attendance is required of students in all classes, lectures, and laboratories. Students who miss a substantial number of classes in any course during the semester may be considered to be disruptive to the orderly functioning of the course and the Academic Board of the College may decide to bar them from attending future classes. The decision of the Academic Board is final and any refunds owing will be according to the refund policy.


Columbia College believes that its students, staff, and faculty should be afforded a study and work environment free from harassment.  Harassment refers to behaviour that is not welcome, that is personally offensive, that debilitates morale; and, therefore, interferes with the opportunity to work or study effectively. For a fuller definition of harassment, see the “Harassment Brochure” available in Student Services. Members of the College who feel they may have been harassed should consult the College’s Harassment Officer, the Director of Student Services, for confidential advice and information. For detailed information about Columbia College's harassment and discrimination policy, click here.

Plagiarism and Other Forms of Cheating

Plagiarism and other forms of cheating on course work will be treated as misconduct.

Plagiarism, the presentation of another’s words, thoughts or inventions as one’s own, is regarded as a grave offense in all courses at Columbia College. Associated dishonest practices include the faking or falsification of data, cheating, or the uttering of false statements by a student in order to obtain unjustified concessions.

Students are asked to review the College’s “Cheating and Plagiarism Policy and Protocols” available from Student Services.

For a full description of College policies, please see the Calendar.


Students are allowed to appeal many decisions (on academic matters, fees, etc.) made by the College. Students wishing to appealing a College decision are advised to consult with a Counsellor. For more details about appeal policies, please see this document.

Policy on Tobacco Products

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the College or on College grounds. This is a Ministry of Education requirement of all K-12 schools, including Group IV Independent Schools. This ban extends to electronic cigarettes.