Off-Campus Housing

Housing can be challenging especially, for first time students coming to Vancouver. At Columbia College we want to help you with this time-consuming process, so you can concentrate on your studies and your new life in Canada!  

We’ve recently partnered with Places4Students Inc which provides an online assortment of first-rate housing options for our students.

Check out the website! It provides a database of multiple housing vacancies close to Columbia College including a description of the home, photos, and contact information.

  • Students can search rental listings here.

  • Students can register to post a FREE Roommate Profile/Sublet listing here.

  • Landlords can register to post a FREE Rental Property Listing here.

Customer Service:

[email protected]


Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm Eastern

Friday 9am-5pm Eastern

Please Note: Columbia College does not assume any responsibility for agreements made between the student and the landlord. We do NOT screen, inspect, warrant or approve any landlord, student or accommodation provided through the above noted service. As well, we highly recommend that all students familiarize themselves with the BC Tenancy Act before you commit yourself to renting an apartment/suite/room. Finally, we would highly recommend that you educate yourself in identifying potential rental scams, which you may find while looking for off-campus housing. To assist you, please visit this page for more tips on avoiding rental scams. 


It’s important to know your rights as a renter and to understand the responsibilities you and your landlord each have. In Canada, each province has slightly different rental policies and it is important to know exactly what you as a renter are entitled to and should expect when searching for and living in rental accommodations. Below is a guide to common scenarios folks may find helpful when navigating the rental market and living as a renter in British Columbia. 

Tenant rights – Province of British Columbia (

Residential Tenancy Act (


Before you move in to your accommodation, you and your landlord need to agree to the terms of your rental agreement in a contract. A written agreement is strongly encouraged.

There are laws in BC that specifically relate to landlords and tenants. Make sure you know what your obligations are as a renter, and what’s allowed of your landlord. 

Tenancy agreements – Province of British Columbia (

Residential Tenancy Agreement (RTB – 1) (


Below is a list of information tenants should review to better prepare themselves when renting:

1.    Before you Rent

2.    Living with Others

3.    Protect your Belongings

4.    Conflict in the Home

5.   Preparing to Move-Out