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Online Olympics with

To kickstart the Summer 2020 semester… …we have partnered with teambuilding™️ to bring you a wildly entertaining mashup of home competitions! teambuilding™️ is an organization that specializes in creative virtual

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New Course for Summer 2020: Asia 250

ASIA 250: Introduction to Buddhism If you’ve taken ASIA 131 and want to explore Buddhism more in-depth, sign up for Columbia College’s first-ever section of Introduction to Buddhism.   This course

Renters Rights and Benefits during COVID-19

(Copyright Global News.  Written and researched Erica Alini.  Designed by Laura Whelan) April 1st will mark the first rent due date since the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada.  We understand that

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Roommate Reset

There can be new challenges to those who aren’t used to staying at home so much. This online transition was not a gradual shift; it happened so quickly from a

Career Services

Career Services April Update

Career Services at Columbia College will now be offering online support Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 5:00pm.  Career Services is there for you through these uncertain times if you

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Around the World in a Click

Are you bored out of your mind? Have no idea what to do outside of class time? Check out these links that let you try something new, or visit around

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Welcome to Our Virtual Student Lounge!

Week 12 is around the corner and it’s been two whole weeks since we moved online. Some of you may be thinking by now – it was better when everything

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Social distancing, isolation and quarantine explained!

Ever since COVID-19 response measures have been established, this fancy new vocabulary has been thrown around. Social distancing? Self-isolation (aka Quarantine)? Isolation? What’s the difference? You might be confused… And